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Gaume Jazz Festival 2018 Poster

A2 Poster / Sticker / T-Shirt / Logo

Poster contest launched by the Jeunesses Musicales du Luxembourg Belge and the Gaume Jazz ASBL.

My first idea was to highlight the new jazz scene composed of young professional musicians. I thought that a "newcomer" in the big family of jazz would need a longer preparation compared to a pioneer of the genre. That's why I chose to illustrate those long rehearsal moments and practice of the instrument by the use of that trumpeter with a "contrasted" style : indeed, he's sharp-dressed for his next performance, while the bowtie is untied and the hat and the look evoke a nonchalant and relaxed side specific to the youth. The trumpet was chosen for its flexibility, its easy integration and its emblematic jazz aspect, just like the saxophone. 

The background colors, despite their cold nature, bring an summer-like and shiny atmosphere where the sun brings an efficient contrast to the trumpeter in the foreground. Nature makes you think of a more exotic destination having broadened the horizons of jazz, when the lake and hills bring us back to Belgium.

I've always liked basing my compositions on an diagonal line going to the top. This, from experience, gives a positive connotation and dynamism to the poster, for the inclination of the wall, the character, the instrument or even the flight of the Jazz Nightingale (symbol of the Rossignol town).


2018 Gaume Jazz Festival

Poster contest winner

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