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Poster Rocker'elle


A3 Poster / A6 Flyer

Exhibition and workshops regrouping forty female artists coming exclusively from the Hainaut province and the Charleroi region.

Famous in Charleroi for its industrial heritage, setting and cultural events, the Rockerill held on March 18th, 2017 "Rocker'elle" (wordplay, "elle" meaning "she" and "il" meaning "he").

The showcased workshops went from painting, sculpture, photography, silkscreen printing to sophrology, making of biological products, etc.

Supported by Aurélie Bay's photograph, the poster articulates itself around a sober and "colorless" palette (but light and fresh) as well as Art Déco fonts. The "R" shape also evokes a spike heel.

Flyers Rocker'elle
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